1. Contact your state Department of Agriculture (or similar) and complete all registrations and license forms.  This may include:
  • business license registration
  • local or state level food facility registration (usually includes a plan review)
  1. Register your food facility with the FDA (section 415 of the FD&C Act).

  2. If (and only if) you have created an acidified food you must register with the FDA as an acidified food manufacturer (Form 2541) and then file an acidified food process schedule for each acidified food product (Form 2541e – formerly 2541a).

This can all be done online by checking out the FDA site here.

  • Here is a pdf copy of what the online form 2541 will look like.
  • Here is a pdf copy of what the online form 2541e looks like.
  1. Enroll in an acid(ified) foods processing course (required for processors of acidified foods – recommended for all others) and complete the course requirements.

  2. Paperwork assistance: