ROP Workshop support page

Agenda: Online Zoom Course Sep 2021 | 9 am-noon and 1 pm-3 pm (Tue, Wed, Thu)

There are four main sections for ROP (links go to pdf notes): (1) Introduction, (2) Hazards and Controls, (3) ROP in the Food Code, and (4) Hands-on ROP HACCP

Charcuterie Notes (pdf)

Fermentation Notes (pdf)

Certificate link

We will be using the Kahoot and Quizizz apps for learning engagement.  Please download these to your phone from your APP store.

Quizizz “class” sign up (link)  No need to enter your parent’s email address -LOL :-).  Take the quizzes at the end of the day or the end of the course.

Blank Forms needed for Group Breakouts

ROP Resources (My ROP page on this website).

Information on obtaining your course certificate will appear here near the conclusion of the course.