TTIs for food safety

TTIs are time-temperature integrators.  They generally consist of a very specific dye that moves along a path based on both temperature and time.  In food safety, they can function as monitors of times and temperatures in instances where temperature dataloggers cannot.  The prime example is in consumer packaging.

The rapid development of mail order food delivery has highlighted a major concern in temperature assurance during shipping.

Current Option 1: Place non-toxic “blue” ice type products in a Styrofoam box or similar to preserve the cold temperature during delivery and receipt.  However, there is no assurance or knowledge of the temperature.  And, there is no assurance a consumer will notice a warm food delivery.

Current Option 2: Several shipping companies offer expensive guaranteed cold (refrigerated) storage before delivery.  These shipping options are often used for vaccines and similar.  But even these shipping methods leave packages at doorsteps that are not temperature controlled.  If the customer does not retrieve a food product package in a timely manner it can warm to unsafe levels.

Using these TTIs can provide the consumer with a very easy to read label for safety assurance.  Do an internet search for different brands to determine best use and best cost.