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CFP APP Comm Tasks

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APP Update
I added a “CFP Issue” document tab.  App users can now easily locate and download the pdf copy of the issues as submitted. All of the current issue pdfs are linked there.



[Lead: Ann] Suggest 5 App committee people to volunteer to populate the “agenda” xls spreadsheet linked below.  I am assuming one person per day, then one person can collect and consolidate all entries into the master spreadsheet.  That will be uploaded to Attendify.

Download (XLSX, 21KB)


[Lead: Brian N] Suggest 2-4 APP committee people volunteer to populate the sponsor information.  Work with DMcS and Sponsorship committee to determine what information is desired.  Here is what can be uploaded. We could capture a pdf of their AGENDA book ad?

People (Members)

[Tabled until App committee determines who they might want here]. {It looks like people put their own information in here voluntarily.  We do not have to do anything}.

There is a members section.  I don’t think we want to list ALL members.  I am suggesting we list “Navigators” for now.  The committee or CFP Board can determine what they would want here in the future.  If we list navigators, we need several APP-comm volunteers to contact the navigators to get the information needed.


[Lead: Chirag; >> Chirag contact Jay Neal for Speaker info]. Here we need several CFP APP comm volunteers to gather speaker information.  Note that the APP has the ability to attach a pdf of pptx.  Can we and do we want to ask speakers for their PPTs.  Everyone asks.  This would be a great place for this for those speakers willing to share their slides. Note this can be updated to reflect those last minute changes made by speakers.

APP upload access

Ann for Scheduling, Brian N for Sponsors, Chirag for Speakers and Don S + Veronica for Twitter/News Feeds.

Last item for this first meeting is that for those designated as the “point” persons on tasks above can be granted permission to upload directly into the APP back office.  Access naturally lets you edit anything or delete anything :-(.

Friday March 16 TASKS

Update on Previous week tasks

Further Discussion on Twitter and News Feeds

I put in some hash tags.  Then we assign that twitter account to an APP-comm member sitting in that council to tweet out issue news.  Just a thought. How else might we want to use Twitter?

There are News feeds in Attendify.  We would have to run our own news feed to populate items.  But this might be a way to provide communication to stakeholder groups (academia, industry, regulator, consumer) — where to meet, reminders, etc.

Banner for APP Marketing

[Lead: Veronica B]. Do we want a roll-up banner or hook and loop to advertise that we have an APP at the conference?  These are abt $200.  DMcS/Board would need to make that call and fund that.  Someone needs to design the graphic to display.  [yes, we need to determine what, graphics, etc.  DMcS will fund at ~200].

QUESTION: What information could be added to the APP “website”.  I am suggesting an “Eats” section.  But I am not sure we can gather information. I did put a hashtag for CFP Eats so that people can pass along their experiences and recommendations for others.

[to discuss more]

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