Seattle Special Process Discussion

Day 1 Large size notes (pdf)

Day 2 large size notes (pdf)

Last March 2018 ROP Notes (pdf)

Special Process Meats

Bringing the farm to the fork (microgreens, etc)

Molecular Gastronomy

The digital revolution !!

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What the heck are

  • shrubs? gingerbug(s)? trotters? shiokara?

Retail-foodservice processes of concern

  • Cold Brew Coffee and Tea
  • Insects as food – crickets
  • Inclusions – PHF layered or inside a non-PHF
  • Appalachian salt-rising bread (aka perfringens bread)
  • Farmer’s markets (where everyone becomes a retailer)

Special Processes (non-meat)

Special Process Auditing

  • Record (desk) inspection
  • Live (in-person) inspection

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