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Tempeh Food Safety

Traditional tempeh is made from mold fermented soybeans. Whole soybeans are soaked, dehulled, cooked, cooled, and fermented. Specialty tempeh may include other sources of starches such as beans or whole grains. From a food safety perspective, tempeh is analogous to the hazards of sushi rice. Sushi rice is soaked and cooked with the intention of […]

Proposed 2019 Food Code CFP Issues

Issue 1: Cook-Chill or Sous Vide 3-502.12 (D)(2) (f) Held in a refrigeration unit that is equipped with an electronic system that continuously monitors time and temperature and is visually examined for proper operation twice daily, with a verifiable electronic monitoring device to ensure that times and temperatures are monitored Pf (g) If transported off-site […]

Restaurant Commissary Meats

Note concerning USDA oversight of Restaurant commissaries creating meat products.  This is 9 CFR 303.1.  Note the requirement that the commissary staff must deliver the foods to satellites.  A third party shipper cannot be used.  If third party delivery is used the operation must be under USDA inspection. § 303.1 Exemptions.  (iv)(c).  For purposes of […]