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Restaurant Commissary Meats

Note concerning USDA oversight of Restaurant commissaries creating meat products.  This is 9 CFR 303.1.  Note the requirement that the commissary staff must deliver the foods to satellites.  A third party shipper cannot be used.  If third party delivery is used the operation must be under USDA inspection. § 303.1 Exemptions.  (iv)(c).  For purposes of […]

2020 Denver CFP Issues

Special processes 3-502.11 No mention of drying No mention of fermentation Question on canning foods in hermetically sealed containers (acid and low acid?) Fish ROP 48h rule.  Move to 3-502.11 that requires a variance (no HACCP?) so that RA can make sure safe process, or ? Did the option to remove ROP 30 d 34F […]

eFood Safety Systems

The FDA food code is a strong proponent for “Active Managerial Control (AMC)”.  AMC is essentially that the person-charge actively manages food safety controls in his or her operation. AMC consists of three parts: Policies: Lay out a clear instructions for your employees to follow. Training: Ensure that your employees are trained to your policies so […]

What the heck are ….?

Gingerbug: A mixture of sugar, shaved ginger, and water is allowed to naturally ferment via wild yeasts and usually lactic acid bacteria. Shrubs: not the green vegetation things, but actually vinegar based beverage.  It is a high-acid beverage and quite safe. Trotters: Pigs Feet Shiokara: Japanese traditional fermented fish viscera – requires ≥ 10% salt […]


Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we would like to inform you about our total ignorance on the subject of information collection. We don’t knowingly collect any information because we don’t know how.  If we did collect it, we wouldn’t know what to do with it.  Since we don’t know how to collect it, […]