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CFP APP Comm Tasks

The shortlink to find this page again is https://wp.me/p4Mtqr-mK Tasks Schedule [Lead: Ann] Schedule items have been added.  Items that are new or corrections can be made as needed (when requested). Sponsors [Lead: Brian N] Sponsors have been added.  Items that are new or corrections can be made as needed (when requested). People (Members) It looks […]

About the RFSC

The RFSC is a consortium of food industry member organizations and individual professionals.  The consortium is mountain-west based (Utah, Nevada, Wyoming) with the main goal of collaboration between its members in food safety across the USA. Collaboration activities include education, training, workshops, conferences, networking events, and the creation of retail-foodservice food safety standards. As a […]

Vegetable meat cure

Some chefs and retailers are turning to “natural” sources of nitrate or nitrite when curing meats.  The most common reason is to retain a claim of “natural” or preservative-free. Traditional nitrite or nitrate salt mixtures (pink salts) are food additives and preservatives that were chemically synthesized. Some vegetable extracts such as celery juice powder contain […]

Food Code Restriction and Exclusion for Ill Employees

The US FDA model Food Code states in 2-201.11: Proper management of a food establishment operation begins with employing healthy people and instituting a system of identifying employees who present a risk of transmitting foodborne pathogens to food or to other employees. The person in charge is responsible for ensuring all food employees and conditional […]

Meat Glue

Transglutaminase (Activa) Transglutaminase is affectionately called “meat glue”. It is sold to Chefs under the trade name Activa™. There may be other brands out there. It was discovered back in 1959 as a component of the blood clotting complement.  A common example of culinary use is to bind a bacon wrap to another protein (steak, […]


Kefir Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D. November 2004 (originally written for the NCHFP/University of Georgia) Updated with Retail-foodservice options April 2015 SOP=standard operating procedure; CCP=critical control point Kefir is a cultured-milk beverage believed to have originated many centuries ago in the Northern Caucasus Mountains. Kefir has a uniform creamy consistency, a slightly sour taste somewhere between […]