Dr. Brian Nummer PhD




HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a food safety system that seeks to identify hazards and apply control measures.  HACCP is proactive versus reactive meaning that it seeks to prevent hazards from occurring in end products.  A HACCP system generally includes a sound foundation of good manufacturing (or retail) practices, a hazards analysis, and critical control points.  These items are extensively monitored to prove the safety of a food product.  Finally, the system is both verified (are you doing what you say you do?) and validated (are you doing the right thing?).

Keep in mind that food manufacturers under FDA oversight that have greater than 1 million in annual sales must update their food safety system to FSMA Preventative Controls.  FSMA PC is actually HACCP + more.  Use the main menu link “FSMA” to get more information.

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