HACCP is the food safety system still used by USDA FSIS (meats), FDA Juice, FDA Seafood, and Retail-foodservice operators regulated under the US FDA model Food Code.

The HACCP food safety system is proactive versus reactive meaning it seeks to prevent hazards from occurring in foods.  HACCP requires a sound foundation of good manufacturing (or retail) practices, a hazards analysis, and critical control points.  These programs are extensively monitored to prove the safety of a food product and demonstrate implementation.  Finally, HACCP requires system verification (are you doing what you say you do?) and validation (are you doing the correct thing?).

Most of the “guru” website is devoted to HACCP and the science behind HACCP decisions.  For those in the food industry, learning HACCP is vital to their profession.  It is like doing business in another country.  If you don’t speak the language, you are at a disadvantage.

Dr. B. can provide assistance to small food facilities wishing to go under USDA FSIS inspection and of course those already under USDA FSIS inspection.  He can provide assistance, advice, process authority services, and training.  [link]