Food safety super(wo)man position available
Food safety Superman/Superwoman position available. Seeking a professional with knowledge and understanding of the 360° view of food safety and quality in food processes from farm to fork.You must be: forward-thinking, problem solver, technically knowledgeable, flexible, lean, agile, collaborative, role model (mentor), leader, proactive, multi-tasker, pragmatic, strong communicator, ability to travel, positive networker, motivated, …This super-person is responsible for implementing, monitoring and driving improvements in food safety and quality of food ingredients through entire supply chain from farm to fork. The right super-food safety person will have knowledge and understanding of all of the food commodities, animal and plant harvesting, food manufacturing, food distribution, food transportation, and consumer cooking and eating habits. It shouldn’t stop there. The optimal candidate will competently handle food safety technology, food safety and quality metrics (KPIs), human behavior related to food safety and quality, sanitation, food microbiology, recall and crisis management, and continuous improvement. Auditing experience is a must: supplier assurance, risk management, auditing techniques, auditing schemas, and conformance metrics. Business experience is required: return on investment, kaizen, lean manufacturing (processing), margins, global procurement, and FIFO. Regulatory affairs knowledge is required: FDA, USDA, FSMA, OSHA, HACCP, GMPs, SOPs, CFRs, GFSI, SQF, ISO, and hundreds more acronyms. And finally don’t lag – lead instead! If you fit all of these criteria apply by clicking the link. If not, consider lifelong learning opportunities in food safety and quality education.

Current workshops (view)

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In person courses

  • FSMA Preventative Controls (Qualified Individual Human Foods)
    (2.5 days)(FSPCA certificate issued)
  • FSMA PC deep dives (0.75 days each)(can be combined)
    • Supplier PC
    • Allergen PC
    • Sanitation PC
    • Environmental pathogens LM and SAL
  • Reduced Oxygen Packaging HACCP (Retail Cook chill etc)
    (based on FDA Food Code)(1.5 days)
  • HACCP (FDA, USDA versions based on NACMCF and Codex HACCP)
    (2 days)
  • Acidified (and fermented) Foods HACCP (based 21 CFR 114)
    for small processors only (1 day)
  • GMPs and Prerequisite Programs (based on both USDA and FDA GMPs)(2 days)
  • USDA SSOPs (1 day)(Required sanitation elements under 9 CFR 416)
  • Meat and Poultry Processing under the FDA Food Code (1.5 days)
  • CAPA – case studies in root cause analyses and corrective/preventive actions (company specific)(1-2 days). This workshop is a facilitated discussion based on company specific case studies of deviations and CAPAs.
  • (new) Food safety and processing plant based extracts and bio-products (2 days)(herb and plant oil extracts e.g. oleoresins)

Current online courses

  • Food Safety Managers Certification (certificate for Utah only) (CEUs for outside Utah) $80 via Utah State University Extension
  • Acidified Foods (based 21 CFR 114) for small processors $300 via Utah State University Extension
  • Food Toxicology in-depth (University level)(CEUs that can be converted to 3 USU credits) $300 via Utah State University Extension; $ normal USU distance education tuition cost to convert CEUs to USU Credits)
  • Food Sanitation in-depth (University level)(CEUs that can be converted to 3 USU credits) $300 via Utah State University Extension; $ normal USU distance education tuition cost to convert CEUs to USU Credits)

Future online courses

  • Food Code based HACCP
    • Fermentation version
    • Reduced Oxygen Packaging version
    • Meat and poultry (charcuterie) version
  • Prerequsite Programs to HACCP (GMPs, SOPs, etc)
  • The Science of the Food Code
    • Foodborne illness Pathogens
    • Microbiology in the Food Code (Chapter 3)
    • Preservation mechanisms – (safe) food product development –  
  • Enhanced Sanitation for food-service operations