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Page: Food Safety Resources

FSPCA Public domain FSMA PC Manual
If you never taken a HACCP course
Learn from others mistakes
General Resources
  • Hawaii Executive Briefing (link)
  • The FSMA Human Foods final rule (link)
  • FDA Draft Guidance on Certified Auditor Accreditation (link)
  • FSPCA training curriculum overview for Human Foods – FSMA PC (link)
  • USDA FSIS Safety and Security during Transportation (link)(older version link)
FDA Technical Assistance
  • FDA Answers to FAQs March 2018
  • Ask the FDA questions on FSMA – inquiry form (link)
  • FDA Video Jenny Scott (FDA) FSMA Regulations Overview (YouTube link)
  • FDA Video Kathy Gombas (FDA) Technical Assistance Overview ~ 10 min. (YouTube link)
FSMA and other Supplier Control Resources
Verification-Validation Resources
  • Article on Verification/Validation (link)
  • USDA FSIS Guidance on Verification and Validation 2015 (link)

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