A consortium is an association of individuals, companies, or organizations with the objective of participating in a common activity (food safety) or pooling their intellectual resources to achieve a common goal.

The Retail-foodservice food safety consortium focuses on food safety issues relevant to this portion of the farm-to-fork food chain.  Collaboration activities include education, training, workshops, conferences, networking events, and the creation of retail-foodservice food safety standards.

Some of the goals of the RFSC include:

  • Enhance food safety in the retail and foodservice sectors in the farm-to-fork food chain
  • Enable cutting edge culinary techniques under the safest possible guidelines
  • Provide education and training opportunities in food safety (targeting both industry and regulatory)
  • Standardize food safety processes
  • Identify and encourage advanced technologies in food safety
  • Reduce duplication of efforts regarding retail-foodservice food safety research, teaching, and outreach